In times like this, you need a bible. In times like this, you need a savior. In times like this you need an anchor. Be very sure your anchor holds and grips the solid rock. This rock is Jesus the only one.

In this perilous times, all you need is to trust, hope and believe in the word of God which is the bible. A chapter in the Bible (Psalms 91) shows that God knows there would be some sort of Pestilence at some point in time, so he already made preparation for it by giving specific portions of bible to sooth each situation. What more are you waiting for than to grab your bible and grasp the hope of life and salvation he has promised you free of charge.

Read, praise, pray, trust, obey, believe, watch and wait…

Man With Covid-19 Was Dying then God Sent A Cleaner

Gods grace is still very much sufficient for all that believe.

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