Modeling has existed since the inception of the world. It began from the time of creation when God said let us make man in our own image. In essence, man is a representation of Godly being. This travels down to the homes where little children while growing up are influenced by the actions of their parents and those around them. They are the first models they see.
In recent times, aspiring models, models and the general public beg the questions what is, who is, how is, where is about modeling and models. Below are some answers to the questions.
Who is a model and what is modeling?
This words encompasses different meanings but we will be looking at modeling in fashion for the purpose of our services and who we are.

Modeling simply means a profession of someone who models different types of wears. It involves making a representation of a brand or something. It is the act, art or profession of a person who models.
It also means providing visual examples of an individual or group performing skills or set of skills accurately and fluently for the purpose of teaching others through the visual medium.

A model is a person with a role either to promote, display or advertise commercial products or to serve as a visual aid for people who are creating works of art or to pose for photography.
A model is also a person who serves as a subject for artwork or fashion, usually in the medium of photography but also for painting or drawing. A model models clothes made by fashion designers and brands.
Below are various types of models and what they stand for:
Fashion and editorial model – Fashion models pose for artists, photographers or customers to help advertise a variety of products, including clothing, cosmetics, food and appliances. They work for top designers like Channel, Zara, Valentino, Versace, Gucci, etc.; and they usually appear on the top cover of fashion magazines like Glamour, Vogue, Cosmopolitan, etc.
Runway model – Runway models also known as catwalk models are models that are hired to showcase a designers clothing line. Female in this category are usually 5’9 feet tall and their ages are from 16-23 while male are usually 5’11 feet tall and their ages are from 18-25.
Glamour models – this models pose for a photographer and they basically work with magazines, music videos, etc.
Part models – Part models showcase parts of their body. Example of the parts they showcase are their legs, pretty face, foot, hands, fingers, teeth. You don’t have to model your full body.
Spoken models – this type of models represent brands like cream, soap, drinks, etc., they get paid as ambassadors. Example of this kinds of model are Funke Akindele for detol, Mercy Johnson for Penek in real estate, Mercy Ike ( BBN) for CRock
Promotional model – Promotes different kinds of products for companies, organizations and business owners. Models here are to get familiar with the products they are promoting and are to be friendly.
Commercial model – This kind of model has no age or height restrictions., mature people can model here as long as you have what it takes, you’re good to model for interested brands.
Fitness and wellness model – This models are people who work on their body structure. They gym and exercise regularly to keep fit and ensure to have a proper diet and nutrition.

Fit model – Is one who is used in the top designer ateliers or work rooms and is the body around which the clothes are designed. They work behind the scene with cloth manufacturer in fashion designing.


Swimsuit & Lingerie – Underwear models who walk in fashion runway shows, appear in magazine publications and catalogues for designers, brands and stores. This kind of model showcases Women’s underwear or nightclothes, especially when lacy or designed. They are among the most visible in the industry.
Child model – kids at age 12 and below have a chance to be hired for magazines, catalogs and ads that have and make clothes for kids.
Who is a professional model?
A professional model is a model who pose for artists, photographers or customers to help advertise a variety of products, including cosmetics, food, appliances and from which they earn their living through it.
A professional model is also someone who has the desire, drive, set goals, connections and foster professional relationships.
A professional model is an expert model who has the experience and has gone through series of training and gained certificates and after posing for different brands get paid for job done.
Professional models are paid to make goods and services look appealing. Examples of professional models are Agbani Darego, Jessie Andrews, Briana Caviens, Nkechi Douglas, Zozibini Tunzi, Karlie Kloss.
How to become a model
Becoming a model is not rocket science. One just has to channel ones mind and purpose towards it, be prepared and plan. Although, there’s nothing you embark on that does not need this two things.
The few steps to be taken to become a model are listed below:

  • Have a clear vision of what you really want to achieve
  • Take some basic snapshots
  • Have personal power banding
  • Get evaluated by a professional agent
  • Know the best modeling market for you
  • Get as much exposure as possible
  • Know the odds of the industry you’re embarking on and prepare your mind to constructively tackle of difficulties that might occur in the course of your modeling career.
  • Be persistent
  • Keep your values
  • Be yourself and stay confident
  • Stay positive and believe in yourself
  • Be fashion oriented and appear fit at all times
  • Do research. Reasons why some parents don’t want their daughters to join modeling
  • Ignorance – Ignorance is one of the greatest death of man. Over 90% of parents believe that modeling is an avenue to do prostitution as a result disagrees any daughter of theirs to take up such career.
  • Lack of awareness – Many parents are not aware that modeling industries have rules, watchdogs and people who look out for models who are mismanaged by their agencies. They are unaware of the different types of models from which they could decided on which they want their daughters to venture into.
  • Lack of confidence – some parents believe their daughters are not pretty, fair, black, slim, tall or smart enough so for this reasons, they discourage them from chasing their dreams in modeling.
  • Lack of funds – Modeling involves funding which has to do with registrations, make up kits for newbies, transportation to and fro venues and so on, as a result this, daughters are hindered from venturing.
  • Pay – Models are seen not to be well paid except for those who have really made it in the industry and they are very few. This makes parents frown at their daughters who decide to go into it, they advice them instead to pick up better careers for themselves.
  • Lack of time – Most parents do not have the time to monitor their daughters practices and behaviour during sessions and shoots and so refuse to let them venture.
  • Distance – Most endorsed models of young age from 13 to 17 usually travel to different places and that keeps them away from home. But parents believe they are too young to leave their sight hence the need to keep them close limiting the activities much activities they ought to do as models.
  • Religious belief – The way of life of certain religions is not inline with the practices of modeling in the light of dressing especially part modeling. This makes it difficult for believing parents to allow their daughters into it.
  • Societal pressure – Many parents feel embarrassed by what their fellow parents or people of the society will say if they find out their daughters are into modeling.
    Fear of the unknown – Parents are against it because of the odds their daughters stand to face during the process. Instance of abuse, sexual harassment and rape. They are afraid that their daughters will begin to diet and eat unhealthy which will result to being skinny. Also, they believe models tend to become addictive, that is, they constantly take drugs to keep fit.

  • Not withstanding, Modeling gives women especially young girls a sense of belonging, makes them feel important in the society, therefore the need to take good care of their body, skin and to look good always. It has positive effect on them whereby they have a certain level of exposure, engages their mind to something meaningful instead of using their spare time or holidays to chase after frivolities. Parents should support and monitor their daughters in this career as it is short-lived, in essence it lasts but only a short period of time after which they can take up better careers in future. Every country that practices modeling should create special regulatory bodies to monitor the activities of modeling agencies on their models.

  • Reasons why modeling is good
    Modeling is good because;
    It gives models sense of style
    It enables models to adapt easily
    It breeds positive attitude
    It aids excellent stamina
    It improves communication skill
    It ensures improvement of good looks at all times
    It makes models have outstanding facial projections
    It connects models with thousands of others in terms of networking
    It improves posture and poise
    It gives access to hundreds of castings from known brands especially if you’re signed to a good agency
    It gives great online exposure

  • Why models are skinny
    Models are skinny because: They are easy to dress as their bodies have less variance and pattern design work is therefore minimized which expedites the creative process and production of garment samples.
  • Most models like it like that so as to look svelte.
  • Many fashion designers make their dresses not more than size 10 so the models have to work their body to fit in the dress size.
  • Some designers believe their clothes look better on skinny models so they send samples that cannot be worn by larger women.
  • Most designers do not want their models to stand out because they want their audience to pay more attention to the clothing the woman is wearing than her over all look.
  • Most models keep their weight on lower side with the help of healthy exercise and reduce their intake of sugar to become skinny.
  • Misconceptions about models
  • There are so many misconceptions regarding the modelling and fashion industries in the whole world at large. Models are portrayed negatively.
  • It is believed that virtually all models get to congress with their agencies and those working with them to get spotlights and be in the limelight.
  • Modeling agencies are perceived to be corrupt and having no scruples with the models working with them.
  • Models are seen to be so skinny, underweight, underfed and addicts making them look like people with chromic diseases.
  • Runway models are compared to human coat hangers in essence they only wear dresses to display but don’t get to take the dresses home.
  • Modeling industry lures young people who have dreams of fame and abuse them in many ways. However, the intentions of this models is to do valiantly in their career. All they need and wish to have is an opportunity with an agency to help them grow and achieve their set goals in the industry. The want to be excited, work, travel to places, feature on billboards, magazines and become famous. I’m sure its not too much to ask, is it?

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