Enough of this killing of my people, Eze – Igbo warns

An Igbo traditional ruler has raised alarm over alleged killing of Igbo people (Ndi – Igbo) by the police in Abuja the Federal Capital Territory (FCT).

His Royal Highness (HRH) John Ossai, the Eze Ndi – Igbo in Karmo, FCT has warned seriously against what he described as habitual killing of Ndi – Igbo by the officers and men of Nigeria Police Force in FCT.

The royal father addressed journalists recently in his palace in Karmo in the nation’s capital.

Narrating, Igwe John Ossai said: “I came to Abuja in March the 3rd, 1979 and we have been peacefully cohabiting with others.

“About a decade ago they killed some Igbo youths in Apo, FCT (Apo 6) and investigation showed that the deceased didn’t commit any crime and we endured it. The federal government however condemned the act.

“Few years back, the police killed an Igbo man in Kubwa, FCT without any cause and we also endured it.

“Some time ago, an Igbo man was killed by Hausa people in Jiwa, FCT for urinating near a place of worship and we also endured that.

“About three Sundays ago, Solomon Eze, a 65 year old Igbo trader in Karmo market in my domain, was shot to death by a police officer attached with Special Anti – Robbery Squad (SARS) without any reason.”

Though he said that he wasn’t there as a result of indisposition, but Igwe John Ossai said on the fateful Sunday Eze was shot to death, a young man who was in a police vehicle with officers and men of Nigerian police attached to SARS, pointed a finger at a young trader and the police officers arrested the young man. He said when the late Eze enquired why the young man was being arrested, one of the police officers shot Eze on the head and he died instantly.

The royal father further informed that when the police officers came to Karmo, they went to Karmo division to report that they came there to do some arrests, a duty which according to him was discovered to be an illegal one, even as he added that they collected money and handsets from some people during the illegal operation.

Though he hailed the Divisional Police Officer (DPO) in Karmo, the Area Commander in Life Camp and the FCT Commissioner of Police for condemning the act, as well as ensuring that the officer who did the evil act was put into custody, but while Igwe John Ossai urged the deceased family to bear it, he also insisted that the officer who did the evil be killed, with the reason that under the law, anybody who killed another illegally would be hanged.

John Ossai however said that he knew that the duty of the police was to save life, not to destroy it, even as he added that Ndigbo were ready go back to Igbo land, where they came from, if they were no longer needed in FCT. Informing that he cried to Ndi – Igbo to be conscious of their lives, due to the ugly happenings, the royal father therefore appealed to the federal government to call the police to order before things get out of hand.

“If they should continue to kill us, without the government doing anything about it, we shall go back to our place. We have houses, communities and land. Our belief in one Nigeria is the reason why we are everywhere and develop everywhere in Nigeria and that is why we are being killed and other tribes are being spared. I am not happy about the development,” he stated.

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